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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote in [site community profile] dw_beta2011-04-21 01:53 am
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JS Conversion Beta: Report issues here!

If you're participating in the JQuery conversion beta test, report any issues you find here!

Currently, here are the things that have been implemented (and not implemented):


Cut expand and collapse
Logging in
Control strip injection for non-supporting journals
Quick reply
Thread expander

Not implemented

Contextual hover
Media embed placeholder expansion
Same-page poll submission
Icon browser
Same-page comment tracking

(This means that if you try to do something on the "not implemented" list while you have the beta features turned on, you'll be routed to the non-Javascript/non-inline version. That isn't a bug and you don't have to report it, but you should report anything else that's weird or that doesn't behave the way it used to!)
florahart: (dark side)

[personal profile] florahart 2011-04-21 08:38 am (UTC)(link)
Okay, so I turned on the beta thing because I use multiple browsers in different settings so am likely to notice things what don't look alike?

And then I attempted to leave the news post after clicking on a reply to a comment (the thing I just replied to, about the suggestion to make the icon show in the preview). Once I had opened the comment box, I was not able to go anywhere on DW without commenting in it. As this has never happened before, and I surely would have noticed, so I surmise it's either this or something else about the recent code push.

Okay, I mean, I didn't test every possible thing. I didn't click away to a different tab and come back, which I will test here in a sec. But once that comment box was open, I could not go to my reading page, or my profile, or anywhere else; every attempt brought me back to the box.


On this machine: Linux (Kubuntu), Chromium 7.0.528.0
fulminata: (text - haters)

[personal profile] fulminata 2011-04-21 12:32 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm trying to reply to a comment and enter in a subject. When I click in the Subject field, the cursor automatically tabs into the Message box. I refreshed the page and the same issue occurred.

Using: Firefox 4.0.1 / Windows 7 Starter (if that's needed)
ciaan: revolution (Default)

[personal profile] ciaan 2011-04-21 02:04 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm also having problems commenting, and it's not happening on LJ, only here. Windows XP Professional, Firefox 3.6.16. When I'm typing in the comment box I can't click into the subject line OR click back to another part of the comment. So if I make a typo, I have to erase back to there using the backspace key to fix it, can't just click there with mouse or use arrow keys. Also when I select a block of text the selection won't hold long enough for me to copy or anything.

Edit: Having now gone to edit this comment, the arrow keys and mouse are working fine. But they stop working when I go to post a new comment again.
Edited 2011-04-21 14:13 (UTC)
ciaan: revolution (Default)

[personal profile] ciaan 2011-04-21 02:50 pm (UTC)(link)
And now that the cut-expander has been moved to the new JS... well, actually, it may do this in the old JS as well, I don't remember.... When I close it using the arrow at the bottom it leaves me looking at a point further down my reading page. It would be nice if I moved back up to still be looking at the entry I was reading.
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[personal profile] highlander_ii 2011-04-22 03:26 am (UTC)(link)
more on commenting:

When trying to select an icon from the drop-down box, the box doesn't persist, it rolls back up if you don't hold down the mouse button.

Also - selecting text - doesn't stay selected unless you hold down the mouse button. (just found this out trying to delete a line of text in this comment *g*)
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[personal profile] yvi 2011-04-22 08:57 am (UTC)(link)
The quickl reply on site scheme pages is doing the following for me:

If I click into teh subject field, the cursor directly jumps to the message field. I can't put in a subject.
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[personal profile] yvi 2011-04-22 10:33 am (UTC)(link)
Firebug error on reply pages:

jQuery is not defined


247 jQuery(function(jQ){
275 var helped = 0; var pasted = 0;
276 function quote(e) {
277 var text = '';
Edited 2011-04-22 10:34 (UTC)
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[personal profile] lemposoi 2011-04-22 10:53 am (UTC)(link)
I'm using the Epiphany browser on Ubuntu 8.04. I just created a new post with a cut, and I notice that expanding the cut doesn't work. It appears to expand, but doesn't show the contents behind the cut. Cut expansion in my older posts works as it always has and if I click the post link, the contents behind the cut show up fine.

Just checked, same behaviour if I view my journal on Chromium or Konqueror browsers, too.
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[personal profile] jana 2011-04-23 08:25 pm (UTC)(link)
With the beta turned on, the (new) module 'Expand Cut Tags' tells me that there are "No cut tags" on a page. Beta turned off, I can expand all cut tags on a page.

OS: Linux (Kubuntu 10.4); Browser: Opera 11.10 (Build 2092)
zvi: self-portrait: short, fat, black dyke in bunny slippers (Default)

[personal profile] zvi 2011-05-03 06:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Windows XP, Chromium 10.0.etc

I'm on in light style, and I don't have any expand tags, even though I'm a seed account. (If I switch to style=mine, I get expand tags.)
jmtorres: From Lady Gaga's Bad Romance music video; the peach-haired, wide-eyed iteration (Default)

[personal profile] jmtorres 2011-05-15 08:27 am (UTC)(link)
So the contextual hover menus aren't appearing for me at all--should I be getting the previous implementation of that?

Mac OS 10.5.8, Firefox 3.5.19 (and yes, Firefox, I KNOW, but it's not my computer to update).
Edited (technical details) 2011-05-15 08:28 (UTC)
jana: [Naruto] Sakura (Default)

[personal profile] jana 2011-05-17 04:30 pm (UTC)(link)
After the latest code push, I don't see any contextual hover menu when hovering over userpics. Still works when hovering over those tiny 'user heads' (the ones before a user name)

OS: Linux (Kubuntu 10.4); Browser: Opera 11.10 (Build 2092)

EDIT: This happens apparently only in my own journal style and when viewing a page/journal in light style, not when viewing a page/journal in site style.
Edited 2011-05-17 16:35 (UTC)
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[personal profile] secondsilk 2011-11-16 12:23 am (UTC)(link)
Clicking Top Level comments only takes you back to the first page of comments. This is very annoying.

I got through three pages of comments on top level only then replied to one. This brought up all the comments (so I could see mine), so I clicked on top-level only again, and was back at page one instead of the one the page I was on. When I clicked top level only after I had replied directly to the post, the same thing happened.

This looks like it's only a problem when I've commented (and therefore when the URL i'm on doesn't include the comment page number).
queenbarwench: (typing kitty)

Thread expander box positioning

[personal profile] queenbarwench 2011-11-16 10:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Late to the party as usual, but noticed that on some layouts, the thread expander is not positioning the comment boxes correctly. I'm not sure of the layout name*, but it's this page I'm currently viewing. I've seen it elsewhere, but I was on an old Firefox version and dismissed it at the time.

On to the bug!

Logged in (Firefox 8.0), I see that the top-level comments are correctly spaced (large gap to accommodate 50% of icon above the comment box), but I hit 'expand all' and boxes are close together with the icons of the child comments all overlapping the comment above. The top-level comments remain correctly spaced wrt the comment above. The same thing is seen when I collapse and expand a single thread.

I checked also in Chrome (15.0.874.120 m) logged out (hence no jquery) and the spacing was fine after expanding all. I logged in and expanded, and the spacing was compressed again. Interestingly, the collapse/ expand actions in Chrome place the icons *behind* the comment above.

Anyway, from my 2 second experiment I concluded probably a jquery-related issue, so here, have a bug report :D

(OS is Windows 7, btw. Just in case it still matters these days...)

* Random side note: might be nice to link direct to the theme page from the style credits box if it's a site style, for folks who decide that they like how others have decorated :)
boomvox: (pic#1068296)

[personal profile] boomvox 2011-12-23 10:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello! I am on Windows 7 with Firefox 8.0.1. (Sorry about the RP journal, my personal one isn't paid, so...)

The 'Browse' button doesn't work when I'm previewing a comment. I can still change icons with the drop-down box, but hitting the browse button does not bring up the popup. Also, 'Choose random icon' is a text link in between two buttons for 'Browse' and 'Quote' everywhere - I don't know if that's intentional or not. It's fine, it just looks a little funny.
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Unable to cancel reply, unable to distinguish buttons belonging to original comment from reply

[personal profile] noracharles 2011-12-26 03:07 pm (UTC)(link)
I tried replying to a comment I had made myself, just so I could see if the changes I had made to the font settings in my browser were working. I didn't want to post the comment, it was just gibberish to see the font.

I could not make the comment box go away again, not even when I tried reloading the page.

I had trouble visually telling the buttons belonging to the original comment and the reply apart, and ended up accidentally deleting the original comment (made by me) because I thought/hoped I was hitting the "cancel" button.

I'm using my own style and Opera 11.60 build 1185.

I must be remembering an older type of reply box, because this behavior is the same whether I have the new JS behavior enabled or not. Sorry about that.
Edited 2011-12-26 15:16 (UTC)