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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote in [site community profile] dw_beta2013-11-25 04:15 am

new create entries beta

We had the old "new JS on journals" beta reporting entry as the topmost entry in this comm, which was causing some confusion! So, a fresh post for people to report problems they're having with the new Create Entries beta.

Things not yet implemented:

* a WYSIWYG/rich text editor to allow people to post formatted entries

* the ability to save draft entries, both so you can deliberately postpone entries for posting later and so that an unexpected browser crash or problem during the posting process won't cause you to lose work

* admin editing of community entries

* the "don't autoformat" checkbox (we can't quite figure out which pane to stick it in!)

Things that will be documented once it comes out of beta, but some people have missed:

* if you don't like the placement of panels or don't want to see certain panels, you can customize the placement and which panels appear by using the "Edit entry form settings Settings" link in the main toolbar at the beginning of the form.

If you have anything else to report, please let us know here!

[personal profile] lizvogel 2013-12-02 04:43 pm (UTC)(link)
(I've mentioned this on a couple of News posts, but not sure if it ever got over here. Sorry if this is a duplicate.)

In Opera 10, the Subject and Entry fields are unlabeled. Or rather, the labels appear and then are wiped away by something as the page finishes loading, so fast that they're only visible for a second if my internet connection is really sucking that day. Not a disaster, but it'd be nice to have them. (And of course I don't know if anything else is affected, since I didn't know there were labels until someone else mentioned them.)

Everything else on the beta update page appears to be working fine.

Opera 10.00 (Yes, I know it's old. I like it.)
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