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i will write in words of fire ([personal profile] biodamped) wrote in [site community profile] dw_beta 2014-06-10 12:55 pm (UTC)

This is probably one of the most trivial comments you'll get but - I'm using the tropospherical purple site skin, and the new link colour for the header links (post/reading page/inbox etc) and options links (is that even what they're called? The ones under settings: profile/style/setting etc for each community) are actually a lot harder for me to read. They were formerly a very dark grey; now they're a mid-purple. And actually, squinting at it, the top header links seem to be a lighter purple than the others.

This is a really common problem for me, but judging by the amount of sites that use a complementary (but low contrast) palette in their site layouts, I get the feeling I'm a minority.

The log out button is also significantly smaller - not an issue for me as I rarely log out, but maybe for some?

As far as the font size issue goes - my first response was "oh, big links", but they're not obnoxiously huge on my screen (1366 x 768) and not something I'd be bothered fiddling with browser settings to change.

And it's probably not overly helpful here, but just so you have it for your records, I'm on Win7 / Waterfox 28 (the 64-bit Firefox), and my dimensions are window width: 1366, window height: 613, screen width: 1366, screen height: 768, screen color depth: 24.

I'll test this out on my iThing tomorrow to see how it behaves in that. Thanks to the design team for all their work so far - I'm looking forward to seeing how this eventually turns out. You guys do excellent work!

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