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bluemoon ([personal profile] emeralddarkness) wrote in [site community profile] dw_beta 2014-06-10 07:17 pm (UTC)

Aesthetically and actually functionally I prefer the font size as it is right now - I sometimes have information heavy posts, or very long threads, and so upping default font size on the site for everyone would mean a lot more scrolling for me - and a bunch of other people, I think. I like to be able to read as much as possible with as little movement as possible so that's a little annoying. Other than that it seems pretty similar to what's going on right now, just... everything shoved under a magnifying glass. The bars at the tops and bottoms of the pages are bigger, the text is bigger, the tables are bigger, which means it'll take more space to fill with the same amount of information. While I can see how this would make mobile platform DW a little more convenient, I'm not sure how much of a difference it'd actually be able to make. I have a fairly big phone screen and in order to click the right link I'm fairly sure I'd still have to zoom in.

Basically I don't see the point and it's slightly annoying already.

People have already been commenting some on the link colors, and I'm here to chime in. I have the 'as basic as it gets' just red and white default skin, and although it's possible to tell the difference between 'have clicked' and 'have not clicked' links, it seems a fair bit more subtle than it was before, which could make seeing it on smaller or darker screens harder.

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