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susan ([personal profile] susanreads) wrote in [site community profile] dw_beta 2009-05-02 10:43 pm (UTC)

Bug 751 and possible variation of 750?

I've got either a variation of this, or I'm looking at it differently.

The location on my profile says "(states/regions/territories), United Kingdom". I assumed the (states/regions/territories) was a heading for the drop-down list, and that I should leave it alone to not select one, which is the usual behaviour of drop-down lists that start "Select a region" or similar. I only noticed when I went to check after reading this entry, that it's still displayed.

Anyway, the first time I filled in part of my profile, yesterday, I selected UK and left the other location fields alone, because I thought they wouldn't work. It saved without apparent problems. Earlier today, I went to fill in more of my profile, and when I tried to save it, I got an error message; it let me save it once I changed it back to US and then back to UK.

With UK selected, there's no other content in the drop-down box, so I can't clear the (states/regions/territories) because it won't let me type into that field.

Is this a different bug that I should report through the support system?

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