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#750: location problems

FYI for saving your location on profiles: there's a bug where some countries will pull in "(states/regions/territories)" and then, when you try to save, give an error message of:

"You specified the United States as your country, but typed a non-US state in the "other state" field."

In some cases this bug might appear even if no location was picked at all.

(And perhaps relatedly, if no location is set, profiles are displaying "(states/regions/territories)" instead of hiding the location field altogether - that's bug 751.)

ETA 4/25: 750 has been fixed but 751 has not. So, you should be able to save, but the display might show up incorrectly still.
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750 and 751

[personal profile] oxoniensis 2009-04-25 05:20 pm (UTC)(link)
I get that intermittently, even though I've actually specified the UK as my country. I just go back, clear the 'other state' field, and it saves without a problem. The "(states/regions/territories)" section is still showing up on the profile though, even if I've deleted it.