Aug. 23rd, 2017 09:19 pm
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I'm pleased to report that Special Agent Kheldar passed his annual fitness check with flying colours today. He's had his vaccination boosters, a worming tablet, and a full physical. The vet reports that he is in remarkably good health for a cat of his age and that there should be no concerns about his ability to continue in his role as Head of Household Security.

Kheldar claimed that his continuing good health is down to sun patches, sleeping, and gooshy food before trotting outside for his evening patrol.


Wednesday Reading!

Aug. 23rd, 2017 12:40 pm
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I'm sick this week - considering Nibling went back to school in the beginning of the month, it's no surprise - so I'm just going to do books instead of a bigger post.

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Wednesday reading

Aug. 23rd, 2017 07:05 pm
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Recently finished
The Daughter of Time, which I enjoyed very much and League of Dragons, which I also liked even if it wasn't quite as gripping as some of the other ones in the series.

Currently reading
Still reading The Oxford History of Greece and the Hellenistic World, also reading A Dangerous Inheritance by Alison Weir (one of her fiction books) and Freshman Year by Kristine Robinson (a free ebook), which so far has been pretty terrible, but as I've been reading it as an undemanding bedtime book, it's OK.

Reading next
Not sure. I'm tempted to re-read the entire Temeraire series, but also not keen on giving on all other reading for weeks.

Reading Wednesday

Aug. 23rd, 2017 09:06 am
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What I Just Finished Reading
Beguilement (The Sharing Knife #1) by Lois McMaster Bujold, narrated by Bernadette Dunne
Bit of a change of pace from say Chalion, but I enjoyed it anyway. It's a slow, sleepy romance novel, in which the odd demon is killed but the main problems are things like meeting each other's parents and realising that changing names on marriage is a problem when one of you comes from a matrilineal culture and the other from a patrilineal culture (to say nothing of who should make the first move). It's all set in summer in a secondary world version of rural New England (or something of that kind) following the downfall of civilisation. I'll read at least the next one for sure.

(Frankly, if the idea of a romance where the hero is much older and martial, and the heroine is young and domestic is not your thing, don't read this series. I'm fine with it, but I know it drives some people nuts.)

The Stone Sky (The Broken Earth #3) by N.K. Jemisin
I think the best compliment that can go to this book is that it didn't let my expectations down. All the complications and ambiguities and history in the first two books are extended and to some extent explained, and I was left feeling content in the ending. I thought it would break my heart, but in the end it was just really, really satisfying.

I loved how the three (four by the end) character plots worked together, and how the many ends of the world tie together and we learn who everyone is. I especially liked Essun's developing relationship with her new comm, and all the characters there. Plus there are a couple set piece scenes that are flat out stunningly written. Should start over from the beginning once I have time.

(I was to some extent reminded of The Book of Phoenix, especially in the backstory segments. Hoa and Phoenix have a lot in common, it turns out.)

(I liked this review for NPR by Amal El-Mohtar.)

What I'm Reading Now
Paper: Cyberpunk: Malaysia edited by Zen Cho, which I've been meaning to get to for ages. First story is good so far.

Audio: Flying Close to the Sun: My Life and Times as a Weatherman by Cathy Wilkerson. Which I'm also just starting, but the intro was promising.

What I'm Reading Next
Probably Moonglow by Chabon. Or something from the library, depending on the mail.

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Aug. 23rd, 2017 09:04 am
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I applied for a position in another department at my company. I'm not particularly interested in their area of focus, but I like the work they do and figured the interview would be less stressful than any other job interview but still good experience. They turned me down, mostly because of my lack of interest, which is totally fine (really!). It was still worth it for the interview (which went remarkably well) and for getting the head of that department even further on board team "echan's f'ing boss, your team would be lucky to have them". He's been on my side for years, so long I actually forgot about him advocating for my current position, but we don't work together much in detail so this turned out to be a good way for him to get more familiar.

I don't actually know what kind of job I want next. I spend a lot of time writing code, scripts and tools that either keep things running automagically or help automate some of the fixes. There's usually something else higher priority though, which is frustrating. Word is that a new position may be 'invented' that's all the code parts of my job and none of the other stuff. I don't know if I'll enjoy writing code /all/ day, but I do know the only reason I haven't applied to join the dev team is the dullness of the products they work on. So t
here's that.
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Why I don't use automated checkout machines -- they cost jobs. Millions of jobs.

Where statues go to retire.

Is America finally ready for the bidet?

The Congressional Black Caucus is talking impeachment.

With all the weirdness, we might need some Help!


There is a lot of coverage of Trump's speech in Phoenix yesterday, ranging from "he's deranged" to "he made it all up" to "he plans to pardon that racist Joe Arpaio" and more. And there were 3000+ peaceful demonstrators outside -- at least, it appears, until police threw pepper bombs into the crowd. I do not have the oomph to chase all of this, but if you go to, you'll find a ton of links. Sorry. I am having vision problems (eta: because the frame of my glasses is bent and one lens is closer than the other, and I have ordered new ones that aren't in yet) and need to take care of my eyes today, ok? Thanks for understanding.

Adventures in Alan Moore

Aug. 23rd, 2017 09:44 am
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So, I'm reading Alan Moore's Jerusalem and I'm about 1/3 of the way through.

This is one of those books like Voice of the Fire which does not simply tell a story that you passively experience like a walk through someone else's dream.

Instead it grabs you by the shoulders, shakes you bodily, and sucks you into a pocket dimension of its own making. It's like experiencing somebody else's acid trip, bad dream and psychotherapy session all rolled into one.

Very much like Voice of the Fire, this book will most definitely not be for everyone. Some people are accustomed to experiencing their entertainment in very particular ways, and do not appreciate being forced out of their comfort zone.  I totally get it, but I am not that person.

Possibly more when I finish the book.

"History of Jewish Music"

Aug. 23rd, 2017 09:42 am
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Thanks to [personal profile] lilysea posting that nifty video about Pauline (love political satire, even when I don't know the politics!) I stumbled on this gem.

[personal profile] cellio: This may either amuse you or horrify you!

History of Jewish Music from the days of the Chazzanut to Benny Friedman...

Another insta-rec

Aug. 23rd, 2017 01:42 pm
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[personal profile] cesy has a good summary of what a venue needs to do to be accessible to a basic range of disability needs. Places like Nine Worlds and lists like Euan's Guide go a lot further, particularly for neurodiversity and complex needs, but this is a great start and easy to understand for those who are new to the subject.


Aug. 23rd, 2017 02:23 am
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I'm... Pretty excited about this. I was wondering about getting credentialed for nursing internationally, and this isn't that per se. But it's international opportunities.


Aug. 23rd, 2017 05:24 am
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"To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable." -- Aaron Copland (b. 1900-11-14, d. 1990-12-02), "The Pleasure of Music", 1959, The Saturday Evening Post

[Happy birthday to my bandmate, Becky!]


Aug. 23rd, 2017 02:00 am
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I just low-key let on that I don't buy any of Jordan's bullshit even if I'm not actively calling him out on it.

"Yeah I heard about [x thing I had told him by text message that he's pretending he never received.]"

Me, "Yeah I sort of figured since I texted you about it. Plus I imagine Tyler had a lot of fun with that."


It's not about getting angry or picking fights. I'm just sick and tired of people treating me like I'm completely stupid and I need them to know to cut the crap. I'm not going to make a big deal about past crap. Just stop pretending it's the truth.

I'm not mad we're not friends. Just sad. It'll heal with time. Less time... If you cut the bullshit.


Aug. 22nd, 2017 11:16 pm
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Am convincing child to try eating straw wrappers as a mood-improvement thing. (Look, the stuff probably still has hormones from the trees in it, and/or it might provide an interesting roughage for gut bacteria. LET ME HAVE MY PLACEBO OKAY.)

Spent about an hour poking at Copper Leaf Bargains and re-reading stuff and fixing a single small inconsistency, but otherwise not getting any noticeable wordcount, blah.

Trash night.

(Oh, hey, back to December 2016 for the GURPS stuff!)

Havva Quote
arcangel says, "Oh, look, we get A: Jordi (YAY!), and B: the Dominion is getting snarky again..."
arcangel cannot spell LaForge's first name anymore because In Nomine. Hush.
arcangel then goes to one of the random videos near that and NO. BISHONEN VOLDEMORT IS NO.
arcangel says, "JUST NO."
--Seriously, I'm traumatized here.

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Dragons under fold )

t-shirt crossover (not for me)

Aug. 22nd, 2017 07:33 pm
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I was looking at a catalog today and found the most frightening t-shirt I've seen in a while.

The design was meant to be patriotic and comforting -- a kitten looking out from under a draped American flag. I can't fault the idea, though it's not to my taste.

However-- on a shirt? The kitten is all head and it's huge -- the size of a small leopard. And with the shading, it appears to be emerging from the wearer's chest, confidently searching for more food...

Facebook Kittens/Alien.

Not for the win. ewwww.


Aug. 22nd, 2017 04:15 pm
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*Okay, that's exaggerating. So, we had a lot of miscommunication to start out with. He texted he wanted to met at 12:30UTC so I arrived at said location based on UTC. Realized that not him being funny, and that I was really, really late.

So then we clarified, went to the restaurant. We still didn't see each other. The restaurant is a chain. Me, "So, what one are you at?"

Turned out, UTC was a short-hand for the location, not him trying to use UTC time. I was at the wrong restaurant.

So I drove to the correct restaurant. After that though, everything was A+.

The bright side to this is that this was the worst I'd ever look or behave on a date. I literally woke up late, threw some clothes on and brushed my teeth and drove over, then established said miscommunication, then drove over. But we had such a good conversation it seems we're both really eager to meet again. So I'll probably have a chance to recover from my first impression.**

**He knew I had a night job so. I feel like being aware that my sleep schedule's constantly on the fritz also gets me some leeway in the being stupid department.

I've also decided based on this interaction that I want to do two things:

1. Get my room/apt set up for guests again. (That includes housekeeping, 'cause my brother keeps everything a mess.)

2. Work on getting the new car, for hiking.

3. Try to push the Starbucks management more so I can control my own schedule more.

what's getting (re)moved, what's not

Aug. 22nd, 2017 10:35 am
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Some Confederate statues are being removed, some covered, some may be moved, and some won't go anywhere.

I have no problem with the Confederate monuments at Gettysburg National Battlefield Park. They mark the locations where people stood or died when stuff happened; they are largely markers saying this unit was here, sometimes with names, sometimes not. They assist with understanding what happened in the battle. I don't recall offhand that there was anything glorifying the South there, in the way that there is elsewhere; but it's been a few years since I walked the entire battlefield, tracking troop movements.
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