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Call for Volunteers: bug collating

I'm looking for someone willing to comb through the comments for the [site community profile] dw_beta posts on the new create entries page and put them into zilla for me <3

I'd do it myself, but I keep getting bogged down in trying to *fix* the bugs instead of filing them, and that means that most of the later reports keep getting put off.

Needs: patience, data processing skills, the ability and patience to interact with Bugzilla.

What to do:
Go through the entries tagged "create entries", and look in the comments for everything that should be filed. File a separate bug for each issue encountered, that hasn't been fixed yet.

I've commented to a lot of threads when there's something that's I've fixed, but there are some where I haven't. If you're not sure whether it's been fixed or not, I'd suggest you go ahead and file it! If it looks familiar, we can mark it as DUPLICATE. It's easier to mark something as duplicate, than to go hunting through all the comments again for anything that we might have missed.

If it's a duplicate of an existing, but not fixed, bug, that's also fine, we can also mark it as a DUPLICATE, easy enough.

If it's a feature request rather than a bug, and it's not something that's already been shot down: file it anyway, we can choose to either do it, or WONTFIX it, but either way we'll handle it.

The important thing is to get things organized in a form where we can quickly accept or reject them, and quickly pick them up to fix.

Comment here if you're interested!

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