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Comment Pages in S2: the old becomes new

One of our long-running projects is to remove the old crufty code written in BML (our old templating system) and replace it with better alternatives throughout the site. And the coding for talkread.bml -- which is what is used any time you load up a site-skinned comment page -- is a particularly painful example.

Add to that, having the site-skinned comment pages be written one way, and custom comment pages another, makes it likely for one to lag behind the other. For example: site-skinned comment pages show the link for entries with screened comments as: "x visible | y screened". But S2 comment pages didn't have that information until this code push!

So I'm really happy to say that we have a new version of the comments page which uses pure S2, so now site-skinned comment pages and journal-styled comment pages are formed the same way on the backend even if they don't look the same. [personal profile] exor674 worked hard on the backend to make this possible, then [personal profile] momijizukamori came through with some spit and polish (with some help from [personal profile] kunzite).

The idea is for the new version to look as much as possible like the old version, though there might be a few discrepancies, because the backend is so different. [personal profile] momijizukamori has done her best to mimic the look and feel of the old comment pages. But the comments page is one of the most used pages here, so we'd like you all to come and give it a good shakedown.

Turn on beta testing for the "New S2 Comment Pages" -- and let us know in comments if you find anything out of the ordinary.

List of known issues.

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[personal profile] momijizukamori 2012-09-23 04:41 am (UTC)(link)
Collecting these here for everyone's edification :) Please reply to the main post with issues, not to this comment. Otherwise I can't edit and keep it updated!


  • Comment subject has too much padding in Lynx/style=light
  • Filter/restriction symbols printing in a less-visible location
  • Time not displaying in 24-hour UTC format
  • QR box is appearing centered on page instead of under the comment it's in reply to
  • Very deeply nested threads may not be printing as links properly (core2 issue)
  • JS beta icon browser is taking the Tropo colors instead of the selected site scheme colors


  • Comment header color is working off post order, not depth
  • Small gap below icons in comment headers - thanks [personal profile] chagrined for the fix!
  • There is no space between comment body and edit time, when a comment is edited - workaround, may need to be fixed in core2
  • Celerity is adding a border to .entry .header
  • Collapsed comments have a bolded subject link
  • Comment subjects are now links
  • ?style=light strips page styling along with all other styling
  • Entry title is now h3 instead of h2
  • div nesting within threads doesn't play nicely with CSS precedence
  • Seperator before 'Expand All' appears inside parentheses
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