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domtheknight ([personal profile] domtheknight) wrote in [site community profile] dw_beta2009-04-06 02:12 pm
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testing needed!

I need a couple of specific things tested:

1. If any of you ported a style from LJ (etc) prior to core2's release, and have not since upgraded your style to core2 (so you're still on a customized core1 style), we need to do some specific testing in that circumstance to try to reproduce a reported bug.

2. If any of you also have openIDs, we need to look at something with comments and comment notifications.

3. I need people to look at the menus in multiple browsers to see if anyone can reproduce this issue: picture of problem (what looks like tiny chunks of menu missing). That specific photo is from Safari 4.

If you can do any or all of those things, please comment here or PM or email me and I'll give you more details.

ETA: all of these tests should be done now, thanks!

[cross-posted to beta-testing listserv]

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