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domtheknight ([personal profile] domtheknight) wrote in [site community profile] dw_beta2009-04-07 10:46 pm
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#732: membership in moderated comms

There's a bug with moderated membership for communities. Users are able to request to join and the notification is sent to the admin, who approves the membership and gets a 'success' message. But those new members don't show up in the membership list on the profile or on /community/members.bml.

Admins are able to send invites to users, and users are able to accept the invitation, at which point in time they receive "you are now a member of $comm" message, and the invitgation shows up as accepted. But just like in the first case, users don't show up on the profile or /community/members.bml.

We also tested for functionality - people in this situation can't post entries.

(Incidentally, this affects [site community profile] dw_beta; if you requested membership sometime after mid-March, I approved you, but you can't see that.)

ETA: moderated membership is working correctly, but if you approved people during the downtime, you have to re-approve them all.

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