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#1134: certain parameters on crossposting to insanejournal

If you edit your adult content flags on an individual entry when attempting to crosspost to Insanejournal, the crosspost will fail. It doesn't seem to matter what the original default adult content setting was, and it doesn't matter how many accounts you crosspost to at the time.
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#1067: paid account status

If you upgrade to a paid account, some of the features are not properly upgrading right away. (Some of you might have noticed that you can't use all of your icons, for example. You can fix that particular issue by going to edit icons and saving - no need to make any changes.)

There's a patch out for this already, so it'll hopefully get fixed pretty quickly.

ETA: this has been fixed! You might still need to do the icon fix mentioned above, but any future upgrades will work properly.
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#984: comment subscriptions tied together

If you want to subscribe to comments in your own journal, you also have to subscribe to replies to comments in other journal (and vice versa). If you try to only subscribe to one of those, the changes won't save.
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#976: uploading multiple icons in Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer (version 7, perhaps previous versions as well), the "add another" buttons to upload multiple icons at a time don't work.

ETA: I've received additional data that the button doesn't work in IE6 or IE8, either.
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#938: crossposter strips LJ code

The crossposter currently strips LJ-specific html (such as the lj user tags or the lj-cut).

ETA: this is fixed!
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#750: location problems

FYI for saving your location on profiles: there's a bug where some countries will pull in "(states/regions/territories)" and then, when you try to save, give an error message of:

"You specified the United States as your country, but typed a non-US state in the "other state" field."

In some cases this bug might appear even if no location was picked at all.

(And perhaps relatedly, if no location is set, profiles are displaying "(states/regions/territories)" instead of hiding the location field altogether - that's bug 751.)

ETA 4/25: 750 has been fixed but 751 has not. So, you should be able to save, but the display might show up incorrectly still.
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#732: membership in moderated comms

There's a bug with moderated membership for communities. Users are able to request to join and the notification is sent to the admin, who approves the membership and gets a 'success' message. But those new members don't show up in the membership list on the profile or on /community/members.bml.

Admins are able to send invites to users, and users are able to accept the invitation, at which point in time they receive "you are now a member of $comm" message, and the invitgation shows up as accepted. But just like in the first case, users don't show up on the profile or /community/members.bml.

We also tested for functionality - people in this situation can't post entries.

(Incidentally, this affects [site community profile] dw_beta; if you requested membership sometime after mid-March, I approved you, but you can't see that.)

ETA: moderated membership is working correctly, but if you approved people during the downtime, you have to re-approve them all.
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testing needed!

I need a couple of specific things tested:

1. If any of you ported a style from LJ (etc) prior to core2's release, and have not since upgraded your style to core2 (so you're still on a customized core1 style), we need to do some specific testing in that circumstance to try to reproduce a reported bug.

2. If any of you also have openIDs, we need to look at something with comments and comment notifications.

3. I need people to look at the menus in multiple browsers to see if anyone can reproduce this issue: picture of problem (what looks like tiny chunks of menu missing). That specific photo is from Safari 4.

If you can do any or all of those things, please comment here or PM or email me and I'll give you more details.

ETA: all of these tests should be done now, thanks!

[cross-posted to beta-testing listserv]
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#681: html in comment previews

If you use the 'check spelling and preview' option when posting comments, the html shows up in raw form. If you just preview without checking spelling, the html shows up correctly.
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#623: logging in on ?mode=reply

If you're viewing an entry at ?mode=reply, and try to log in using the comment submission form, you instead are sent to a page with an error, "Your login cookie seems to have disappeared?".
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#621: one-sided relationships in the nav strip

One-sided relationships don't display accurately in the nav strip. If I subscribe or give access to a user but that user does not subscribe or give access back, the nav strip should state that I have subscribed or given access. Instead, it states that I am viewing [user]'s journal with a link to add him or her to my circle.

Where the relationship is reciprocal, or where the other user has subscribed or given access and I have not, the nav strip is correct.
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#618: 'select all' button for unbanning users

When users are banned there appears to be a 'select all' button at the top of the list (at http://www.dreamwidth.org/manage/banusers.bml ) but the button doesn't select anything when checked.
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FYI: password problems on posting

In case you're trying to post right now, there's a known issue with a recent password patch. [staff profile] denise posted about it at [site community profile] dw_maintenance here.
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#603: openID users can't see locked posts in some views

OpenID users can see locked posts (to which they have access) on the 'Recent Entries' page but not on day, month, year, or tag views.
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#590: errors on editing profile don't print

If an error occurs when editing the profile, the error data doesn't print; instead a blank page with 'Edit Profile' is loaded.

ETA: fixed! Errors should now print.
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#567: problem with imported tags [FYI]

Imported tags are not counted properly on the styled views but do all show up in /manage/tags.

There's already a suggested patch for this one, but it hasn't been committed yet, so thought I'd post this as an fyi in case you're importing and confused.

ETA: this patch is live and should be fixed.
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#593: directorysearch doesn't work

Searching at the /directorysearch.bml doesn't return any results, even if results can be found for the exact same parameters using the search box on the menu bar.

ETA: this should be working now.
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Core2 was pushed live today! (A lot of things are still missing.) If you had previously ported in a style, it should still be functional.

There are some notes here and you should all check them out as you start poking around.
denise: Image: Me, facing away from camera, on top of the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome (Default)
[staff profile] denise2009-03-05 09:19 am
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Display issues with site scheme

This is the post for people to list off display issues they're still having with the site scheme (including any instances where HTML or CSS you try to use in your entries/comments/profile doesn't behave the way it should).
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#422: top feeds

Right now the "top 1000 feeds" page shows no feeds.

ETA 3/11 - fixed.