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Javascript on Journals: last call ( I mean it this time! )

The last code push included some small and not-so-small fixes to the javascript on journals beta. The biggest visible change is that various items have a completely different look -- this includes dialog boxes on your journal when you try to track comments, and the contextualhover menu. Further details are in my entry to dw-styles (Upcoming changes to contextual hover menu styling (beta) ).

I believe that all the worst bugs for javascript on journals have been reported and fixed. Soon we plan to switch everyone over to the new version, with the ability to opt-out in case any annoying bugs are found once it's had more eyes on it. We'll post about it when that happens.

Please continue to let us know in the comments if you run into any issues, so we can fix them ASAP!
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As in <...>unformatted

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*facepalm* Sorry, that was me forgetting to escape. <raw-code> (text here) </raw-code>.